Travels & Training

Join Lotus yoga teacher, Diana on her journey of yoga:

San Francisco, California Institute of Integral Studies, Graduate Program, August 2011-2014

Completion of a Graduate Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology. I am working towards Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure. CIIS offers transpersonal psychotherapy, synthesizing Eastern and Western approaches. Eastern meditation, yoga, mindfulness and Jungian Therapy is blended with Western psycho-therapeutic models; Psychoanalysis, Humanistic and Existentialist Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience.


Working with kids and adults in nature to encourage mindfulness, free expression and becoming stewards of nature.

Working with actors to develop personalized source work and work through creative blocks.

Leading workshops in mindfulness, movement and brain function, earth based ritual and eco-psychology.

Leading workshops and groups in creative, therapeutic expression, blending body (yoga), mind (philosophy and psychotherapy) and spirit (meditation, song).

Retreat Practice and Teaching, Deerheart Sanctuary, Hornby Island, BC, Canada.
May 2011

Weekend workshops on Hornby Island leading classes and doing personal retreat for a month long retreat.  I lead 2 day workshops on Yin yoga and Meditation and did my own practice with retreatants listening to the teachings of Adyashanti

Garrison Institute Meditation Retreat with Adyashanti, April 2011
Seven days of practice and teachings with Zen-Advaita Vedanta Master.

Teaching Kids Yoga and Environmental Education Activities at schools and Festivals, BC Canada and San Francisco and Seattle. March-May 2011
Teaching  at Green Festivals, Earth Day Events and in school programs.

San Francisco Green Festival, November 2010
Green Kids was invited by The Green Festival and Hi-Def Creations to run a booth at the festival this fall.

Green Fest is a 6 city festival connecting individuals and organizations who are interested in creating eco-friendly lifestyle alternatives. Anything from yoga to political/social activism to fashion to health and nutrition is showcased strengthening our network of eco warriors.
Green Kids made contact with eco minded organizations and educators in hopes of having a presence at the upcoming Green Fest six city tour in 2011.
Green Kids continues its fall tour of workshops in schools, teaching kids grades 2-7 about environmental responsibility and awareness through theatre, games and yoga.
Go Green Kids!

Kripalu Institute, Massachusetts
September, 2010
I was invited by Mark Whitwell, senior teacher of The Heart of Yoga to assist him for a week long retreat at Kripalu, the largest yoga retreat centre in North America.
Mark is an incredibly warm, engaging and down to earth teacher. He studied with Krishnamacharya and his son Desikachar, two very prominent teachers of modern yoga. Krishnamacharya was an outstanding yogic scholar and practitioner who received yogic teachings from an ancient lineage and passed these teachings down to his son Desikachar, and students B.K.S. Iyengar and Prathabi Jois. All of these gifted teachers have devised genius systems of yoga popularizing it in the west.
Mark’s great knowledge and experience shine through in his engaged and accessible teachings. He is a real gem of a teacher and person, his idea of a teacher as a friend is completely embodied in his work and life. I was incredibly honoured to assist him in teaching yoga and leading Thai Massage for his week long retreat at Kripalu. Complete magic and healing unfolded as he held the space for truth and transformation.

Michigan, Green Synergy Festival, August 2010
Green Kids was invited to this awesome Raw food and Consciousness festival to run the kids zone. We had a total blast, leading workshops, raw pudding extravaganzas and nature walks with a group of solid little people at Ronora Retreat Centre in Watervilet, MI.
Ronora is a truly mystical place, located on a lake with a long history of consciousness raising gatherings. A place of true beauty and wonder, Ronora hosted an incredible Green Synergy Festival of which we were proud to be a part of.

New York, August 2010
Omega Institute Thai Massage Training with the Lotus Palm School. Completion of Level 1 and 2 Yoga Thai Massage.
I was inspired by Omegas exceptional environmentally sustainable design, including a Living Machine that purifies all Black and Grey water from the Institute.

I had another week in New York city with some fellow yogis, exploring the city’s night life, galleries and yoga. Lots of Yoga on the pier in the West Village with endearing and knowledgeable Teacher Jeremiah Brimlow, and the ever astounding classes at Jivamuhkti, Union Square.

San Francisco, Feb. 2010
Insight Yoga Institute Level One Teacher Training
Yin Yoga and Meditation with Sarah Powers
Marin County, California
Sarah and her accompanying teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced teachers and practitioners. The Institute does a beautiful job integrating Yoga, Buddhism and Psychology into a synthesized system.

Yoga Journal Conference, 2010

Full conference attendance including:
Workshops with alignment based yoga masters Aadil Palhkivala, Tias Little, Rod Stryker and Richard Freeman.
San Francisco, California

Ongoing Classes
Yoga Centre Winnipeg, Dharma Centre Winnipeg with Brian McCleod and Lama Lodro

150 Hours Advanced Teacher Training
Yoga Centre Winnipeg

1 month one on one intensive Meditation Retreat with Lama Lodro
Canyon Meadows, Yukon
A truly unique experience of quality and depth. Lama Lodro is a long time dedicated Buddhist practitioner and former Monastic. He has spent about 14 solid years in retreat and about 40 years learning from Master teachers such as The 16th Karmapa and Namgyal Rimpoche. He is a meditation master in his own right, having explored extensively Tantra, Vajrayana and Theravadin Buddhism and many other mystical traditions. He was given the title of Lama from the 16th Karmapa and teaches worldwide. He most graciously hosted me for one month at his retreat centre outside of Whitehorse. It was him and I in the wilderness for 3 weeks sharing teachings on Metta (Loving Kindness), Tibetan Visualization, Anapansati (mindfulness of breath) and Chi Gong. Lots of chopping wood and carrying water as well as cooking, hiking and painting. He left me for one week on my own in which I was in total silence (save singing to ward off grizzly bears) and chanting of Mantras. I was very sad to leave and hope to return. He is a truly gifted teacher.
<a href=”; Lama Lodro

Feb. Weekend Intensive with Byron Katie, Seattle, WA
Incredibly outstanding teacher of awakened wisdom and working with our belief patterns to change our lives. Lessening suffering and maximizing freedom, she is truly spirit in action. Her teachings summed up in one question:
Who would you be without your story?

January 2009 Yoga Journal Conference
Full conference attendance
Workshops with Aadil Palhkivala, Tias Little, Shiva Rea, Sarah Powers, and Rod Stryker.
San Francisco, California

February, Spirit Rock one week women’s meditation retreat
Marin, California

February, Adyashanti one week meditation retreat
Monterrey, California

Yoga Loft
Workshops and classes with Ramanand Patel and Jason Crandell
San Francisco, California

200 hour Teacher Training Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
Specializing in Raja and Bhakti Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice, 2 week intensive
Work Exchange and full gathering attendance
New Mexico

Ongoing Classes at Yoga Centre Winnipeg
Personal month long retreats at Deer Heart Sanctuary, Hornby Island, BC and
Gaia House Meditation Centre, England

2 month intensive Meditation retreat, Gaia House, England
Ongoing Yoga workshops, England
Ongoing Tibetan Buddhism classes and Thangka painting, Bodhanath, Nepal
One week Burmese Vipassana Retreat, Lumbini, Nepal
Three week-long Meditation retreats with Sarnath and Bodhgaya Sanghas, India
One month Yoga class intensive, Raja Yoga Vedanta Centre, Varanasi, India
10 day Goenka Vipassana Retreat, BC
Ongoing yoga and meditation classes, Yoga Centre Winnipeg and on Hornby Island, BC

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