Feel whole through Lotus Psychotherapy Sessions

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Dedicated to the integration of Yoga and Western Psychology, Lotus Psychotherapy sessions offer Eastern and Western tools for well being. Inquiry into core beliefs and emotional patterns help free you from outmoded ways of being. Somatic psychology, trauma healing, and neuroscience are linked to yogic traditions of mindfulness and body awareness.


Therapeutic Yoga:
Yoga has been practiced for centuries as medicine for many ailments. What is most healing is finding a practice that fits your own unique needs.

Through a small group or one on one, therapeutic setting individual attention can be given to design a healing practice. There is a practice for everyone regardless of weight, energy level or yoga experience. I can work with you to find a practice that can benefit you.

We will explore therapeutic well being through yoga, integrating our whole beings into practice; body, mind, spirit, and emotions. We will begin with a check in where you are welcome to share how you are feeling in the moment and explore intentions for your yoga practice. We will then weave these intentions into an asana (postures) practice using breath, body awareness and meditative movement. We will end with restorative yoga and a short meditation.

Shamanic Integration:
Shamanic Integration groups and one on one sessions explore ways to integrate mystical experience into our everyday lives. I will prepare you for Shamanic Ceremony and work with you to integrate your experiences. This is facilitated by cultivating a highly relaxed state, where the parasympathetic nervous system can be accessed. This relaxed state can be induced through drum journey, ritual, breathwork and guided meditations to give a sense of safety and well being that is essential for healing. This relaxation creates a resonant field for both client and therapist. The client can then find ways to heal themselves and the therapist can be more effective in attuning to a deeper level of the client’s experience, guiding what they need. This engagement with a deeper level of experience can be highly effective in changing the client’s behavior and integrating powerful spiritual experience.

There is a vast and quickly spreading movement of Westerners seeking wisdom and guidance from other traditions. When seeking meaning, Westerners can come across pitfalls from exploring non-western traditions. There is often a cultural disconnect. Through cultivating healthy relationship, mindfulness of body, breath and emotions, and inquiring into core beliefs, integration sessions can incorporate spiritual experience into daily life and address the pitfalls that can create more suffering.

I have trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and have the blessing of Indigenous elders from Cree and South American traditions to lead integration sessions.

One on one Shamanic sessions:
Through presence, listening and reflection, I will help you to become more connected to yourself and your own experience. As you listen to your own inner wisdom, you will discover ways to transform old beliefs and behaviors that lead to suffering. This will provide you with tools for greater self expression and fulfillment. You will find what is most authentically true for you and how to communicate this to those close to you. 

I recommend a series of at least 3-6 sessions to prepare and integrate Shamanic experience.

1-3 sessions before ceremony to prepare intentions, ways of working with plant medicines and one’s psyche to ease respectfully into the ceremony experience.

1-3 sessions after ceremony to integrate what was experienced and create a daily practice to extend the benefits into daily life.

These preparation and integration sessions are recommended for anyone who wants to go cultivate the sacred in daily life. Especially if you suffer from past trauma and are struggling with resistance to ceremony, it is recommended that you work with a guide to make ceremony more effective.

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