Mission Statement 
To offer mindfulness based yoga and meditation instruction to a wide sector of the community, providing a holistic synthesis of yoga theory and practice for health and well being. Incorporating the spirit of traditional Indian yogic philosophy with modern therapeutic innovations, this form of yoga provides students with a firm foundation to develop yoga as a way of life benefiting self and community through meditation, stress relief and physical and emotional well being. With a broad knowledge of yoga and body centred psychotherapy, Lotus Yoga offers a holistic approach to all ailments of mind, body and spirit.  There is an aim to offer yoga to those who are in need and not necessarily exposed to it (people with disabilities, inner city populations, women and low income earners).

Lotus yoga goes beyond the regular class structure, offering individual attention with a strong basis in philosophical and therapeutic approaches.

Like the lotus flower that arises out of the mud, we all have within us the ability to arise gracefully out of our greatest suffering. I am honoured to sit with you and discover how you can flourish. We will look at ways you get stuck and together, find a path to a more fulfilled life. Awareness and presence are our tools on this journey and our bodies are our vehicles.

Services offered by Lotus Yoga:
Yoga Classes for adults, children, people with disabilities, yoga in the workplace and yoga day retreats in beautiful rural settings are offered for groups and individuals.

Private sessions are available.

Day retreats and classes are offered at the St. Norbert Arts Centre in Winnipeg and Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, Caifornia. These retreats are centres of exceptional beauty. People who have spent time at theses centres consistently remark on the beauty and peace of the space while only a short drive from the city. The nature refuge helps people to de stress from the noisy activity of the city, giving people a chance to stroll the exceptional, well kept organic gardens, medicinal herb gardens, cultural and ceremonial grounds and adjacent Park Land with hiking trails.

Lotus Yoga Instructor:
Diana Justl MFTI, MA began her yoga practice as a teenager to overcome stress and feel more free, confident and healthy. With over 20 years of practice and 8 years of teaching, she offers a mindful, meditative practice focusing on breath and alignment. She has completed over 500 hours in Teacher Trainings; 200 hours at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, 150 hours Advanced Teacher Training in Mindful Vinyasa at The Yoga Centre Winnipeg and 150 hours through The Yoga Loft San Francisco with Tony Briggs and Jason Crandell, as well as Yin Yoga Level 1 with Sarah Powers.

Diana’s intensive studies of different forms of yoga and meditation have led her around the world. She has been gifted with the grace of many exceptional teachers in the east and west. She has traveled to India, Nepal, England, The Yukon, New Mexico and California to learn both yoga and mediation from highly regarded teachers. Diana has lead her own ongoing classes at The San Francisco Yoga Loft, Winnipeg Yoga Centre, California Institute of Integral Studies, The Liberation Institute and many corporate classes in Winnipeg, Canada. She has completed over a hundred hours per year of meditation retreats and yoga workshops for the past 15 years.

Diana has been teaching an alignment based flow yoga, interweaving meditation and mindfulness for over 8 years. She has mainly been influenced and devoted to Lama Lodro, Adyashanti, Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Jan Debenham, Mark Whitwell and Jason Crandell all of whom she has studied with. She has an Honours Bachelor degree in Theatre and Religious Studies and holds a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma.

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