Yoga Services in San Francisco

Yoga for holistic health in San Francisco, awakening inner wisdom and alignment. Postures and breath are cultivated to bring about meditative stillness. A focus on alignment and inner exploration for stress relief,  immune system boosting, balance, harmony and clarity.

Yoga Services include:

  • Yoga and Meditation for Children
  • Yoga and Meditation in the work place
  • Weekly classes taught at California Institute of Integral Studies
  • Private Instruction to specialize a practice for the individual
  • Yoga Philosophy talks with renowned local and visiting teachers
  • Ongoing classes in various locations
  • Health and Wellness Day Retreats offered for groups
  • Reiki, Restorative, Guided Visualization and Thai Massage
  • Integration of yoga and Psychotherapy

Diana has been dedicated to Yoga and Meditation for 20 years. She is certified through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, the Yoga Centre of Winnipeg and The Yoga Loft, San Francisco. She has practiced and studied extensively with many exceptional teachers world-wide.

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