Join us at Liberation Institute as we move through a therapeutic yoga series. Groups run from 7:00-8:30pm at 1227a Folsom st. San Francisco. Drop ins welcome.


July 8th:
Yoga for Depression
We will begin gently, bearing witness to our downs and build towards invigorating our ups. Learn a sequence that prepares you for soul-lifting backbends and enlivening breath work.
July 15th:
Yoga for Anxiety
We will look at ways anxiety arises and offer tools to slow down and ground. We will focus on twists, forward bends and and a breath-guided flow sequence to take the edge off.
July 22nd:
Yoga for Vitality
The stresses of daily life can drain our vital energies. We will explore what makes us vital, and how that is alive in our bodies. We will build a practice to sustain what moves and inspires us.

Our Yoga Groups are not the same as a general yoga class. We offer a small group therapeutic setting where individual attention can be given to design a practice that best fits your own unique needs. They are donation based, with no one turned away for lack of funds. There is a practice for everyone regardless of weight, energy level or yoga experience. We can work with you to find a practice that can benefit you.