Psychological Integration Through Yoga, a free online dialogue series


Online Dialogue Series Produced by Lotus Yoga.

YOGA & PSYCHE: Psychological Integration Through Yoga, a FREE online dialogue series. Listen to dialogues with leaders in the field of trauma research, yoga, somatic psychology and neuroscience. Discover how the practice of ancient yoga integrates with the contemporary Western mind and psyche.

produced by Diana Justl

Rod Stryker

Topics: Yogic scripture & the philosophical framework of yoga §  The cause of pain and suffering §  The importance of having a teacher and lineage §  The Sri Vidya lineage §  Improving and empowering your capacity to […]

Rick Hanson

Topics:  The impact of neuroscience for the Western yogi How the nervous system, brain, and body intersect How we can work with our brain and nervous system to create a more intimate yogic union with ourselves How neuroscience […]

Richard Miller

Topics:  understanding our interconnectedness and how it brings a deeper level of healing and integration How attending to the felt sense in your body aids in healing How to access your somatic experience to rewire trauma The impact and integration of […]

Reggie Ray

Topics: What Tantra means in the Buddhist community How a Tantric perspective on the body creates a mystical vision of it How the human body is a reflection of […]

David Emerson

Topics: Yoga and somatic psychotherapy The meaning and impact of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) EMDR and referencing the body experience How trauma lives inside the body The limits of talk therapy when working with and […]

Katchie Ananda

Topics:   The challenges of yoga and guru’s in the West Confronting the self in the context of a love relationship (marriage, teacher, guru) Psychology and Psyche – a spiritual tradition in the making Spiritual […]

Amy Weintraub

Topics: Dealing with depression through body and breath based yoga Managing mood through yoga Moving beyond the mood state and the story to connect to a deeper level of wholeness How parts of the psyche only open […]

Angela Farmer

Topics:  The journey of the mystic feminine §  Connecting with the emotion of yoga asanas §  The relationship between psychology, yoga and the western women’s psyche §  How yoga emerges as an organic process from within us […]

And many more:

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