Visiting AMMA for my second time I am struck by the grace and fervour of the event. She sits in front of thousands of eager devotees and there is a sense of restless bhakti (devotion) in the air. What are we waiting for? AMMA gives darshan, energetic transmission, through hugging. You can come to her as you are with all pain and sorrow and imperfection and she will hug you, soothe you, like a perfect mother. It is a dramatic scene to see person after person being smothered in her rose clad bosom. She embodies pure, Divine acceptance and nurturance. I did feel my first time an overwhelming grief, like I was a lost child visiting her, weeping in witness of my failures. I felt a huge release upon the embrace, like it was o.k. to feel this way, I would be taken care of too. This time it was more about the experience of seeing everyone there in our collective suffering and delusion.

A tremendous power came in feeling we are all in this together. Here we are at this place waiting and hoping for something to happen, for some pain to be absolved or some experience of awakening. I felt blessed by my immediate company, feeling closer to the person I came with while we held our own in the sea of beauty and chaos. Thousands of people, families, kids crammed into a small building in the foothills of Northern California, made it seem about survival as well as spirit. I felt deeply connected to myself, to my practice and protective energies I could draw on. Also reassured by a feeling of not wanting anything. It was also exhausting,
9 hours of milling around to wait for the hugging moment, not to mention travel time. As I approached her presence it was like being in a very surreal movie. The high wattage lights, the sparkly costumes and decor, lots of dramatic movement and activity. I felt like I floated in, was deposited on her lap and then whisked away all in one fell swoop. I did feel a powerful sensation planted in my heart like a seed of love and light. I do feel so grateful for her Divine presence and her relentless and amazing humanitarian work worldwide. I do feel connected and inspired by this woman, but also more motivated myself to find this presence in everyday experience. Her energy has been a tremendous force in mobilizing masses of people to do great work in her hospitals, orphanages, clinics, schools. It is one powerful hug that I’m happy to have received and perhaps will feel the ripples of in my life. The Divine Mother is with us all at all times after all.


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