My first Bioneers experience was a very memorable and powerful inspiration. Full of amazing speakers and innovative initiatives, Bioneers explores how we can celebrate and actualize change at a grassroots level.

Some major highlights for me:

Speakers such as Paul Stamets presented a passionate and personal account of how mushrooms can cleanse toxic pollution and decrease our dependence on pesticides and pharmaceuticals.
Details in his book: Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World.

Natalia Greene, brilliant earth activist spoke on The Rights of Nature, her support of laws in Equador and Bolivia to recognize the planet as having legal and political protection. She shared her fight for earth to be recognized as an entity and how this can be reflected legally.

Moonrise; Celebrating Women’s Leadership with Nina Simons.
An insightful and empowering interactive workshop exploring feminine leadership, its non hierarchical and inclusive approach.

Wendy Stragr’s Good, Clean Love; Tips on sustainable intimacy. Wendy, a mother of four and happily married for 25 years offered her dynamic and detailed account of simple but profound ways to be in happy relationship. We learned how truly listening to ourselves and others is equal to being deeply loved. Her fabulous Loveology archive:

There will be free posts of these keynotes on the Bioneers website for the next month, so be sure to check out these heartfelt social advocates.


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