Lotus Yoga at California Institute of Integral Studies

Lotus Yoga offers shanti-fied yoga and meditation classes at CIIS on Thursdays 11am-12noon.

It will be a treat to teach students versed in Somatics, Mindfulness and Integral Yoga Philosophy.
Our school is like consciousness camp… We research and present on presence, empathy, shamanism, Freudian psychoanalysis and Jungian dreamwork. Our student groups include; shamanic journeying, mindfulness and psychotherapy, non dualism in art.

The school is a hub for top speakers and presenters in consciousness.
I am fortunate to work in Public Programs as a Marketing Assistant, helping to promote the many workshops, musicians and speakers…

including: Swami Durgananda Sally Kempton, Dan Siegel, Michael Harner, Gary Kraftsow, Lila Downs, Persian and Mediterranean Classical music and mystical poetry.

I have also been fortunate to work and train at The Yoga Loft SF with teachers such as Tony Briggs, Jason Crandell, Betty Roi, Anne Saliou. I am so lucky to be partaking in their teacher training over the next year, training and apprenticing with some grounded, talented teachers. Yay!



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