Mermaid Yoga at Green Fest San Francisco

Mermaid in flight. Photo by Amber Zuckswert

I am excited to have been a part of Green Festival, helping Green Kids to lead a kids zone with fun and informative activities for the little eco warriors. My character was a mermaid who turned into a synchronized swimmer because she was forced to stay in the human realm as the waters were too polluted for her to return home. She asked the kids to come up with solutions about how we can protect and make less of an impact on our environment.

Green Festival is 6 city event bringing together innovative sustainability ideas from across North America. It helps us find solutions to make our lives healthier socially, economically and environmentally. Individuals, business and community leaders come together to discuss issues that impact us as global citizens. Organizations and businesses present programs and products that help make less of an impact on the planet and its creatures.

From workshops to films to fun, educational activities for kids to delicious whole foods and diverse live music, we come together in celebration and community to create positive alternatives in our existing economic structure. Booths include;  renewable energy and green technology, Fair Trade chocolate, tea, coffee and living foods, as well as green home products.


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